Hitting up Benidorm for a crazy weekend

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Well can you blame us, once a year the company flies out all the employees for one mad trip somewhere in Spain. This year we decided on Benidorm, to experience what we sell plenty of; a Benidorm stag do.

The group all met up at Gatwick airport, with the first port of call being the Whetherspoons. Oh come on, it would be rude not to have a pint before the flight! Several sherries later (plus a couple of rum & cokes), we all headed onto the plane and began to take our seats.

The one hysterical thing about this destination is you are bound to meet groups just like you. On our flight alone, we must have had three stag groups and two hen parties. All looked ready to party.

Between all the heavy drinkers on that plane, it actually ran out of alcohol at the half way point. We couldn’t believe it. Then again, maybe this was a good thing.

The instant shock of the heat definitely hit us, as it was like walking through a brick wall. It takes a few seconds to adjust your breathing, but damn it beats the British weather.

The Agenda

We decided not to go full-on the whole time, as we get to experience plenty of the activities back home on a regular basis (the benefits of working here), however we got our itinerary read out to us by our rep for the weekend.

There was a whole lot of eating, plenty of booze and the sun was in full force.

Our First Day

The moment our bags were dropped off in the hotel apartments, we headed straight to the hotel bar. a couple of drinks down, our transport came to collect us (seriously, you never need to book a single cab when transport is all arranged).

We headed on to the mayhem that is the bar scene. We were playing catch-up from the moment we arrived, it was carnage in the best possible way. Such incredible fun.

We then headed off to a nice restaurant, where we sat down for quite a posh meal, a massive contrast to the madness we had just witnessed. It didn’t take long for the food to settle and for our attention to switch back to the party scene.

We headed straight back over to the clubs to see what was going on. All I can say is the Jaggerbombs were out in full force. Several jaggertrains later and we found ourselves waking up back in the hotel rooms.

Day Two

Well you can’t go all the way to Spain and not visit the beach. So we went straight down to the main seafront, just a couple of minutes walk from our hotel. There were plenty of activities available, such as wakeboarding, kayaking and jet skiing. We even considered booking a boat trip, but the alcohol left us in a dopy state, so we opted for a nice relaxing day on the beach.

Of course, the beach is surrounded by beaches, so no guesses what began to happen. That’s right, a few cheeky shots to wake us back up. It worked a charm.

The night out led us to an American diner, where everything was coated in cheese, a big thumbs up from our whole team. The serving sizes were truly American, our plates were completely overfull, just the way it should be.

We then headed off to the club to witness the world famous Sticky Vicky show. Of course, Sticky Vicky has now retired (she is in her 70’s after all), so we watched her daughter, who has taken over the show.

It still had all the wonders and confusing scenes you can possibly imagine. Well, after that, it only felt right to go to an actual strip club before actually hitting a real club. A few cheeky dances later, we were well and truly in town, painting it…well, it’s a blur.

The Return

All I can say is Benidorm is an amazing place for a stag weekend. It was absolute mayhem and hysterical banter everywhere, just what you want for a lads weekend away.