Riga, the Latvian capital is in vogue as one of today’s most popular locations for stag weekend packages, and it’s easy to see why. With cheap budget airlines flying here and its harmonious blend of Eastern European Old Town charm and a sprawl of modern, cost-effective drinking holes, Riga is a tempting proposition for a stag do, indeed. Located on the Baltic Sea, the city is recognised as the point where West meets East and subsequently, is an important hub for trade and commerce bringing a bustling city of a million people. Crucially, a pint of beer costs on average just £1.50-£2, meaning a stag weekend here won’t hit you in the pocket either.

But there’s more to Riga than cheap booze and beautiful women, there’s a rich historical and cultural backdrop to sink your teeth into; your medieval backdrop for a very 21st century stag do on the Baltic Sea.

Popular Riga Stag Weekend Packages