Privacy Policy

We value your privacy here at

Privacy is an important issue. We understand that you are offering a great deal of trust when submitting information on this site. We wish you to understand that any personal information, be it credit card, name, email address etc. is held in the strictest confidence and never passed to an unauthorised third party.

All information on this site is accepted only volunteered by you and we make it clear to you when such information is required and for what purpose.

In this brief statement we hope all matters are covered clearly and concise. If however you require further clarification, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your information

Within this site is will be necessary for us to collect information such as name, email, credit card etc., in order to complete a booking transaction.

We may also offer you the opportunity to provide an email address so that we can send promotional material, like offers that we feel are relevant to your requirements.

We will not in any circumstances use your email address for this purpose unless you have subscribed.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter of offers service and wish to unsubscribe, you can of course at any time, simply by sending your email address here.

We will always offer you an ‘opt-out’ with every piece of promotional material we send.

Third Party
For processing of a booking or enquiry to a hotel or other service and / or supplier of that hotel or other service, it is necessary for us to provide your personal details. We wil provide to that supplier only and pass on only the relevant personal data required to complete the booking.

Credit cards
We never take credit card details online at We make personal contact to do so. This is a secure method.

We may provide you a link to book online, for example individual hotel reservations, where a credit card number is requested. This is likely to be a third party website who offer secure online bokings. You should check that the “https” is present in the url and the privacy policy of that third party before proceeding.